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ClubMaths activities Enterprising Mathematics activities


High quality books for the general reader, or for teachers and students needing extension and enrichment materials:

To find out more about Arbelos books:

“Much learning does not teach understanding.”—Heraclitus

The Beauty of Mathematics poster collection

Each set in The Beauty of Mathematics poster collection contains 5 posters and a four-page booklet of background notes.

Illustrating the beauty of mathematics, the posters will enliven any classroom or corridor and are a simple but highly effective way to provide mathematics enrichment.

To find out more about the posters:

“As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained.”—Arthur Cayley

ClubMaths™ activities

Each ClubMaths™ activity is on a well-researched theme and is ready for use with pupils. Unlike traditional sources of material, ClubMaths™ activities are self-contained and include comprehensive support for the teacher.

From Primes and Sums, ClubMaths™ November 2005
Primes in a magic square

Complete the magic square so that all the entries are different prime numbers and the constant total is 120.

ClubMaths™ activities are available as digital downloads in PDF format. To learn more or to see samples:

“Where there are numbers, there is beauty.”—Proclus

Enterprising Mathematics Resources CD

The CD provides materials for pupils aged 15/16, either for classroom use or for a larger event such as a “maths day”. Of course, teachers may find other ways of using the resources, which have been selected to give pupils and teachers a flavour of the Enterprising Mathematics competitions.

Contents include Problems, Relays and “hands-on” Activities.

To learn more about what is on the CD, or to find out about the Enterprising Mathematics in Scotland competition:

Andrew Keith Jobbings

Sadly, Andrew passed away on Thursday 11 July 2019.

He will be missed but his legacy remains.

Team Maths Challenge

Arbelos was pleased to be a sponsor of last year’s TMC National Final.

Congratulations to the winners and to all who took part.

Team Challenge — United Kingdom Mathematics Trust
Progress to Advanced Mathematics

Adopted by schools and popular with individual learners, Progress to Advanced Mathematics is written for pupils preparing for AS Level, A Level, the IB and other advanced examinations.

Progress to Advanced Mathematics

Latest review:

The Mathematical Gazette review (PDF)
Knots book

Knots Unravelled has been exceptionally well received.

Knots Unravelled


The Mathematical Gazette (PDF) Mathematical Reviews (PDF) Zentralblatt MATH Mathematics in School (PDF) MAA Reviews Mathematical Digest (PDF) EMS Book Reviews (PDF)
Instant activities

ClubMaths™ activities can be bought online as individual electronic downloads — no need to wait!ClubMaths™ activities


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“an excellent collection of posters”

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“a superb activity with excellent notes for teachers.”

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All our materials are written, designed and tested by a team of experienced classroom teachers, led by Andrew Jobbings.

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“Many thanks for such superb materials.”

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