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Enterprising Mathematics Resources

CD One

Problems Relays Activities
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The CD provides materials for pupils aged 15/16, either for classroom use or for a larger event such as a “maths day”. Of course, teachers may find other ways of using the resources, which have been selected to give pupils and teachers a flavour of the Enterprising Mathematics competitions.

Contents include:

Suggestions for teachers

General hints for running an event and a description of how the materials are used in each round of the Enterprising Mathematics Competition.


Two groups of entertaining problems; worksheets are provided for four of the problems.


Two sets of 32 relay questions. The odd and even questions are collated separately so that they may easily be printed on differently coloured paper; such colour coding assists in running a relay competition.


A set of 16 different and varied activities, mostly of a practical nature.


Full answers to all the questions and activities on the CD.

Sample problem

An example task from Enterprising Mathematics Resources:

From CD One > Activities > Number Puzzles
A number puzzle

Insert all four arithmetical signs (two of them twice) into the blank squares of the maze, so that if you start at 7 and follow the directions of the arrows you obtain the answer 9 at the end.

Sample pages from CD One can be seen in the Gallery:

“To those who do not know mathematics it is difficult to get across a real feeling as to the beauty, the deepest beauty, of nature… If you want to learn about nature, to appreciate nature, it is necessary to understand the language that she speaks in.”—Richard Feynman

The Enterprising Mathematics competition

Enterprising Mathematics in Scotland logo The competition Enterprising Mathematics has been running in Scotland for over 20 years. The initial impetus to organise such an event was given by Clive Chambers, then Mathematics Advisor. Schools from throughout Scotland participate in local events, where a number of schools compete for a place in a national final.

The final has five rounds:

The yearly event has given much excitement and pleasure to a large number of enthusiastic young mathematicians. Enterprising Mathematics has been organised under the auspices of The Scottish Mathematical Council and has been principally supported by the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries.

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Visit the Gallery to see sample pages from the resources.

Enterprising Mathematics Resources Gallery

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“We are hosting a maths day for 80 students from our own school, a neighbouring high school and the feeder middle schools … and I [hope] to use some of the activities then.”

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The materials on the CD were designed and written by a team of experienced classroom teachers.


The contents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and are viewable on any computer on which Adobe Reader runs.

The CD will run on any computer capable of running Adobe Reader 5.0 (or greater) and capable of reading a Windows ISSO-9660 CD-ROM.

Free software to read and print PDF documents may be downloaded from Adobe: Get Adobe Reader


Users of the CD may NOT:

  • make copies of the CD (or its contents) to give to others;
  • sell copies of the CD to others;
  • subject the CD to any form of modification.

However, users of the CD may print out copies of the material for educational use.


The CD-ROM contains updated and corrected material which is copyright © the authors 2005, and the digitisation is copyright © A K Jobbings 2005.